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Travel Team Payments

​In an effort to keep costs affordable to all families with players on CE travel teams, we break up costs and payments at different points during the year.

Please note that some teams do not practice certain times of the year and some teams practice more than others each week. Our cost to rent space from local gyms varies from $45+ per hour. We have established the following heavily subsidized gym rental schedule 

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2018-19 CE Team Practice Fee Schedule  


The following tables are used to calculate how much each player should contribute to their team's total gym rental costs. These rates take into account holidays, and dates that gyms are not available, and other costs associated with renting gyms such as insurance certificates, janitor fees, etc.

2018 Fall/Winter (Sept-Dec)

1 practice(s) per week Sept/Oct      $60 per player

1 practice(s) per week Sept/Dec      $125 per player

2 practice(s) per week Sept/Oct      $125 per player

2 practice(s) per week Sept/Dec      $175 per player

2019 Winter/Spring (Jan-Apr)

1 practice(s) per week Jan/Apr       $115 per player

2 practice(s) per week Jan/Apr       $225 per player

2019 Spring/Summer (May-Jul)

1 practice(s) per week May/June     $54 per player

1 practice(s) per week May/July      $80 per player

2 practice(s) per week May/June     $110 per player

2 practice(s) per week May/July      $160 per player

Here is an example of how CE contributes to our teams.  


Consider a team of 10 that practice 2x per week from September thru July each year. CE contracts space for $45 per hour for 90 - 1.5 hour sessions (4.5 weeks per month x 2 practices x 10 months).


Our cost to rent that space for a team is $6,075.  We then collect $350 per player ($125 fall, $100 winter, & $125 spring/summer) x 10 players (sometimes fewer players).

Total collected by CE for team practices:  $3,500

Total CE pays for space:                         $6,075

Total deficit per team:                            $2,575

Carolina Elite's offset contribution:   $2,575

Often we are asked why don't we have more teams.  Being a ministry and raising money to give young athletes such an opportunity is always limited by how much support we can get.  Please always remember that real people are making real sacrifices daily to support all these CE kids.

Thank you for being a part of the Carolina Elite Basketball family!!

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