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About Us 

Our coaches and leadership are committed to developing our youth into tomorrow's leaders through hard work, dedication, & teamwork on and off the court.


Our leadership seeks to share Christ's love and Biblical truth with our players and families as we journey through intense basketball seasons.

In addition to competing at the highest level, our players are expected to regularly participate with our community service projects too.

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Elite level athletes on mission for Christ

Elite level athletes on mission for Christ

Our core mission is to use basketball as a platform to build relationships with young athletes with the life changing message of the Gospel.  Our ultimate hope is that our athletes become equipped to share their journey in Christ with a generation of basketball fans as they become signifiant centers of influence in the years ahead.

Balancing Sport, Academics, & Mission

Our players are expected to balance training, competing, academics, family life, and serving our community. Each CE player is required to participate in at least 2 service projects per year. Each CE coach is required to participate in a ongoing Bible study from Sept - June as we consider how to keep our activities in alignment with God's calling in our lives.

Our Training Process


Our teams generally train 2-3x per week on a combination of elements including skills training, agility & speed training, team sets, basketball IQ, and power & endurance training.


In addition to on court work, players are expected to work on specific skills outside of practice as well as attend occassional film study sessions.


Peak team training season is

February - June

Peak player skills training season is

August - December 

Games & Tournaments


Tournament and league games provide a wide variety of competition.  We seek to play teams at or above our skill level; it is not our intention to play teams that result in "blow out"  in either direction.


Occassionally, there are mismatched teams and whether we are on the winning or losing side of those match-ups, our players are expected to handle themselves with great sportsmanship.  


Teams may play upwards of 40-60 games throughout the year, all with the purpose to grow and bond as a team.

Player Expectations


Players are expected to be committed to their team, to learning the sport, to developing their skills to the best of their abiliy, and respecting players, coaches, officials, and parents.


When school/grades, family issues, or health concerns arise, basketball always takes a back seat. Players will not be allowed to continue on teams if there are such problems that arise from too much training.  




Throughout the year, we will have multiple club-wide community service opportunites. Please plan to join our teams and help us make a difference in our community.  All CE players are expected to participate in at least 2 CE community events or service projects each year.

Girls on the Run inspires girls to take charge of their lives and define the future on their terms. It’s a place where girls learn that they can. No limits. No constraints. Only opportunities to be remarkable. 

Spring - Durham, NC

The Carying Place  teaches homeless, working families with children life skills for attaining independent living while providing short-term housing and support services to address their individual needs. 

Spring & Winter- Cary, NC

Durham Urban Ministries mission is to meet emergency needs for food, clothing, and shelter; and to help those who are homeless secure a home and the resources to stay there.

Summer- Durham, NC

Carolina Elite Basketball and NTBA team up to meet needs in Myrtle Beach, SC with a charity food and clothes drive for all teams coming to NTBA nationals this summer.

Summer-Myrtle Beach, SC


The Cary Christmas Parade is the 2nd largest Christmas parade in Trangle area. Join us and thousands of families that line the streets sharing in the spirit of Christmas.

Winter- Cary, NC


Spare Change?  Help Change Lifes..

Your donations help us to make a lasting and meaningful impact as we show Christ's love throughout our community in many ways..

Coaching/Mentoring Kids on AAU basketball teams -  Our volunteer coaches spend 100+ days each year with small groups of kids teaching, training, and preparing them for competition.  These same skills are used at many areas in life to achieve goals and to become successful citizens in our society.

Community Outreach - Our athletes participate in numerous community outreach projects across the state.  Some of these programs include feeding the homeless, hosting food and clothes drives for the local Urban Ministries, visiting kids fighting severe sickness in care centers, providing Christmas gifts for under resourced families, and more.

Ongoing Fellowship & Discipleship - Our coaches and leaders work hard to help athletes understand God's relevence in our daily journey. There are many struggles that come with intense competition. The Bible gives us great insights on how we are to deal with all these issues.  Teaching kids how to trust in the Lord to provide for their needs is a powerful part of our vision.

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