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These forms are needed for various club activities seperated by catagories.  


You can complete these online and provide your digital signature via screen swiping on I-Pad, I-Phone, e-readers, tablets, Windows 8 devices, mouse scribing on desktop computers, or trackpad on most laptop computers.

Required forms for players / families: 

This form is required for all club activities, including league participants, AAU team participation, sports camps, after school sports training programs.

This form is required for all players for Carolina Elite AAU teams and league teams.  It establishes what conduct is expected from all our players on all our teams.

This form is required for all parents of players on our league and AAU teams.  It helps parents understand how we expect our families to handle themselves in Carolina Elite competitive and practice environments.

This form explains the conditions in which a player would be released from their attachment to Carolina Elite Basketball Club within the various tournament sanctioning bodies such as AAU, USBA, etc., during a single competition season.

Required forms for coaches / volunteers

This form is required for individual interested in coaching or volunteering for Carolina Elite Sports.

This form outlines roles, responsibilities, core teaching principles for coaches and volunteers at Carolina Elite Sports.

This form is used for coaches and volunteers to state their understanding and support of the core beliefs of Carolina Elite Sports leadership.

Other forms

This form is used for families with financial hardship to request a fee reduction, player scholarship, or fee waiver.

The CE club manual provides information related to numerous aspects of how Carolina Elite teams and programs are structured.

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