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2016 Back To School League Rules

Saturdays, Sept 11 - Oct 16, 2016

Roster Size
Elementary School Boys division will play 4 v 4 games.

Teams must have 3 on court to compete.

Elementary School Girls division will play 4 v 4 games UNLESS both teams have 7 players present before the tip off, in which case these games will be 5 v 5.  If  gaems are 4 v 4, team must have 3 on court to compete. If games are 5 v 5, teams must have 4 on court to compete.

Middle School teams will play 5 v 5. Teams must have 4 on court to compete.


Game Lengths
Two 13 Min Halves (6-8th)
Two 12 min Halves (3-5th)
Halftime and 1st Overtime period will be 2 min

2nd Overtime is sudden death- first score wins.

Teams will be allowed a minimum 2 min warm up period if running behind.


Game Time arrival
Game time posted is start of 15 min warm-up/practice period. Games will start 15 minutes after posted game time without any delays.  Players are encouraged to arrive 15 minutes BEFORE posted time to be ready to take the open court after prior game finishes.

Team listed first on schedule is home team, and wears gold (or light color) jersey. Home team will sit on right side of score table. In season-end bracket play (M/S teams), team with higher seed will be home team. 



Clock / Clock Stoppage:

Clock will stop as per High School Federation rules, UNLESS if games are running behind schedule. In this event, clock will only stop on fouls, free throws, time outs, and during the last 2 minutes of the game on dead balls.

Once a score margin reaches 20 pts a running clock will take effect. Running clock will remain until the margin is below 10pts.


Free throws
On free throws, players are above the low block and can enter the lane when the shooter releases the ball.  The shooter and players outside circle may not enter until ball contact.

Each team will be awarded 2 full (1 min) & 2 half (30 sec) timeouts per game. They may be used at any time during the game. Each team will be awarded one timeout per each overtime period played.

Season-end tourney seeding (M/S only):

Regular season record ties and/or division winners will be determined by the following-
1. Head to head competition
2. 15 point max point system
3. Least points given up
4. Coin toss

Technical Fouls
Each coach or player will be allowed one technical fouls per game.  A second technical foul will cause players/coach to be ejected from game subject to program director’s discretion. After first technical foul, the coach must remain seated for the duration of the game.

Fouls:  Each player will foul out at (5) five fouls.

1. All coaches are responsible for the behavior of their assistant coaches and players.

2. If no CE representative is available, the home team will be responsible for keeping the official scorers book and a member of the visiting team shall keep the score clock. The two teams can however agree to change responsibilities.

3. We will enforce a zero tolerance policy on any/all violent behavior.  Any violators will be ejected from the league with no refund.

Carolina Elite Sports, Any Facility(s) Host, its board of directors are not responsible for any and all injuries as agreed in the online waiver forms completed at registration.  

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