Carolina Elite

College Scholarship Program

In 2018 Carolina Elite Board of Directors approved the CECSP as a program designed to help long-term ministry participants / student athletes to have security that their service to Carolina Elite and our community would result in quality college education opportunities.

For most long term Carolina Elite student athletes, their skills and experience will make them prime candidates for athletic college scholarships.  However, as a means to insure these kids do not have to leave the CE ministry to chase their dream of earning college scholarships by playing travel ball with other programs that may seem to have more influence with college recruiters, the Board approved a $275,000 grant that is to be use to fund college costs for our student athletes college costs.

Benefit Calculation

Carolina Elite ministry participants that become eligible for benefits accrue $5,000 per year of participation in the program. Once a player meets the eligibility criteria, they would have their accrued balance available to be paid to the college of their choice on a pro-rata basis as they pursue their degree.  If a student is working toward a 4-year degree, the CECSP will pay 1/4 of the accrued student-athlete's benefit each year for 4 years of their college period.

These benefit payments must commence the first year after high school graduation.  If an eligible ministry participant elects to defer college to future years after the first year following their HS graduation, their accrued balance would become forfeited.

Distribution Requirements


Program Eligibility

In order for a CE student athlete to become eligible to receive the Carolina Elite College Scholarship, the student athlete must meet the following criteria:

1.) CE ministry participant must be full-time in Carolina Elite program for a minimum of 5-years.

2.) Participant must participate in a minimum of 2 club or team community service projects each year of service.

3.) Student athlete must maintain a GPA of 3.0 (or equivalent if in younger grades.)

4.) Participant must travel to the majority of the national NCAA showcase events each spring/summer and represent our ministry with a Carolina Elite 🏀 team.

5.) Student must participate full-time continuously through the summer of their junior year of high school.

In the years in which eligible participants are to receive CECSP payments, there are additional distribution criteria. 

1.) As a college student, continued participation in the Carolina Elite Sports ministry is required.  Program recipients are required to participate in at least 1 Carolina Elite club community service project per year AND also organize a Carolina Elite community service project (that future players and coaches will be encouraged to participate with as feasible.)

2.) at least 3 times per summer, the program recipient will be required to visit Carolina Elite 🏀practices or tournaments and have a role as a guest speaker or trainer for younger aspiring Carolina Elite student athletes.  

Disqualification Disclaimer

The intent of the CECSP is to incentivize young ministry participants to be developed into fully equipped disciples of Jesus and centers of influence within their college peer groups.  In the event that a program participant were to leave Carolina Elite prior to fulfilling all the necessary requirements, 100% of their accrued benefit would be forfeited back to the CESCP general account to fund other future eligible ministry participants college education.  There is no pro-rata eligibility on the CECSP. Student athletes must complete the entire program to become vested and receive accrued benefits. There are no exceptions.