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As of June 2019, Carolina Elite will be only host ELITE level girls UAA or UA Rise teams for travel teams. Boys seeking to play regional or national travel ball, please contact CEBA (Carolina Elite Basketball Association.). Thank you.

2020 ELITE girls 17U varsity team-

Our girls 2019 squad is loaded with veteran players. Coach Buggs has over 15 years experience helping young ladies find their path to college ball. 

2021 ELITE girls 16U national team-

Our 2021 team is the defending Under Armour National Champions and our club's EYBL challenge team. This squad travels the USA competing with UAA & EYBL national ranked teams.

2022 ELITE girls 15U junior varsity team-

Our 2022 team is a former D1 NC AAU State Championship team and features some of Carolina Elite's original founding players. 

2023 ELITE girls 14U showcase team-

Our 2023 team is a new team featuring some of the most accomplished players in NC coached by Coach Rick Thompson, a longstanding Carolina Elite coach. 

2024 ELITE girls middle school team-

Our 2024 team is 3x NC AAU State Championship team and a former National Championship squad. This group  has been ranked in the top 10 in the USA for the past 3 years.

2025 ELITE girls middle school team-

This is the 2nd year for our 2025 team. After an incredible year of development in 2018, these girls are becoming great competitors led by former NCAA player and professional trainer, coach Holden.

2026 ELITE girls elementary school team-

Our 2026 team is one of NC's most experienced elementary school teams now in their 3rd season together. This squad is going to be a powerhouse team in the years ahead!

2028 ELITE boys elementary school team-

There is no better way to train up future superstars than to get them started in elementary school.  Coach Campbell has assembled some amazing young talent to start the journey of travel basketball together. This squad is going to be FIERCE in the years ahead.

Here is a summary of annual travel ball activities- 


Fall Ball (short season)  September - October   

Teams tend to train 1-2x per week and participate in regional invitational events that help players stay sharp for upcoming school ball season.


Winter Training (school ball season)  November - February

CE players tend to train 1-2x per week in the gaps when they are not asked to be at their school ball functions. Training sessions are supplemental to school team practices and tend to be skill specific for each individual player to help them maximize their personal impact in school ball games.

Spring AAU Season (regular season)   February - May   

Teams tend to train 1-2x per week and participate in frequent regional events or circuit play that allows their team to become eligible for state and national championships. Most CE teams will schedule 8-10 tournaments during AAU season

LIVE Viewing Season (showcase season)   May - July   

Teams tend to train 1-2x per week and participate in national level showcase events. These events generally are 3-6 days and cost more because of the costs to have NCAA coaches present viewing prospective players for their schools.

What is different about CE travel teams?

We don't believe that AAU level basketball is right for all kids.  We limit our travel team players to those that demonstrate the potential to compete at the top of the sport.

We build our teams in such a way that they can win tournaments if they play their best and execute on what they have been taught.  A vast majority of young players are not skilled enough (or in some cases, not big enough, or athletic enough) to compete at the higher levels.  There are many great programs in our area for these kids to play at less competitive levels.

How important is winning to CE?

Our primary goal is to win hearts for Christ.  Inside the game of competitive basketball, coaches build lasting and meaningful relationships with kids.  We see a clear path to using these relationships to mentor and teach young adults about life skills and about Christ.  


We have found that our unique Christian sports message within the competitive basketball community is not really heard unless we put teams on the court that can compete at the highest level. So, we play to win.  But, we play with humility, grace, and love for all, regardless if we win or lose on the court.


How much does it cost to play AAU travel ball?

Each team sets its own budget based on how much they want to practice, how many tournaments they want to participate in, how far they feel they need to travel to play the appropraite level games, how much gear they want, etc.  Typically, total costs per player per year is about $300-$800.  CE trys to fundraise and use sponsors to assist families that cannot afford these costs.  Each coach can provide more specific information for his/her team.


If you are interested in playing on one of our travel teams, please email coach Lyn Adams for more information at Lyn@CarolinaEliteBasketball.org

Numerous grants will be awarded to exposure team players during the season.



Our more experienced players (7th thru 10th grade ) with exceptional ability, attitude, work ethic, and Christ centered family values are eligible. Financial need may also be considered.


CE travel team ball is an extraordinary commitment to excellence in the game of basketball. Players are expected to train 2-3 days per week with coaches & professional trainers from September thru July.  Also requires travel 2-3 weekends each month from March thru July. 

CE teams participate in many of the following national events -

Deep South NCAA Live - Raleigh, NC

NYBL Finals- Augusta, GA

NC Invitational - Charlotte, NC

AAU Nationals - Greensboro, NC

Nike / EYBL TOC- Chicago, IL

Hershey Showcase - Hershey, PA

UAA NCAA Live - Louisville, OH

Battle In The Boro- Louisville, KY

USJN Big Apple Challenge, NY

NIKE Nationals - Atlanta, GA

Tennessee Miracle - Gatlinburg, TN

Great Smokies Shootout - Hickory, NC

Under Armour Cup - Indianapolis, IN

Icebreakers Invitational, Augusta, GA

USBA Nationals - Charlotte, NC

Run 4 The Roses - Louisville, KY

UAA Finals - Westlake, GA

UA Super 100- Atlanta, GA

FAB 48- Las Vegas, NV